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Colonoscopy Screening In Singapore


What is Colonoscopy in Singapore?

Colonoscopy Singapore is the most effective way for doctors to evaluate the colon (large intestine). Colonoscopy uses a flexible tube about the thickness of a finger, which contains a camera and a light source at the tip. This instrument is inserted through the anus. The scope is then advanced through the rectum and the colon slowly, under visual guidance, usually up to the cecum. There is also the possibility of entering and examining the small intestine's last few inches (terminal ileum).

Sigmoidoscopy Vs Colonoscopy

Why is colonoscopy done, and how much does a colonoscopy cost Singapore?

There are many reasons to perform a colonoscopy Singapore. In most cases, colonoscopies are performed in the context of cancer screening programs. The procedure is usually carried out to determine the cause of blood in the stool, pain in the abdomen or the cause of diarrhea, bowel habits change, or to find out how abnormal the colonic x-ray or CT scan is.


The risk of polyps and colon cancer is higher for those with a history of polyps or colon cancer and those with a family history of some types of non-colonic cancers and colonic problems that can resemble colon cancer (such as colonic polyps).


The colonoscopy cost Singapore can be variable depending on whether it is for screening purposes or therapeutic purposes. It will also depend on whether it is done as an in-patient or outpatient basis. There is also some inter hospital variation in colonoscopy cost in Singapore. The cost of colonoscopy in Singapore changes if additional procedures such as ligation of piles or hemorrhoids, polypectomy or bleeding control etc is done at the same sitting when certain pathologies are found. A patient's health insurance plan also determines their deductible. It is common for Medicare patients to pay around 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount for physician's services, in addition to copayments for outpatient facility services.

What is the bowel preparation needed before colonoscopy?

The colon needs to be cleaned before colonoscopy Singapore, and several preparations are available for colonoscopy. A detailed instruction sheet is provided to the patient before colonoscopy. In addition, laxatives or enemas are generally administered the day before the examination, while a large volume of a particular cleansing solution is consumed the day before the examination. It is essential to follow these instructions carefully. Otherwise, the test may not be accurate (residual stool may obscure the colon lining). If the visibility is poor, the test may have to be repeated, or it may have to be substituted.


Additionally, you will probably be advised to avoid certain foods, such as fiber-rich foods or foods that contain seeds.

Before a colonoscopy in Singapore, will my medications work? Does there have to be a special diet?

It would be best to take most medications as usual, but some may interfere with your examination. Please have all current prescriptions and non-prescription medications available to the colonoscopist or colorectal specialist. The following medications may require special instructions: aspirin products, blood thinners, such as warfarin (Coumadin), arthritis medications, insulin, and iron preparations. A colonoscopist may also want to know if the patient has any allergies or other illnesses that need to be addressed. Furthermore, the colonoscopist should be made aware that the patient has required antibiotics before dental or surgical procedures in the past.

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