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Dr. Jaideep Raj Rao and team Arden JR Surgery


Ms Rddhi Naidu dietician at Arden JR Surgery

Rddhi Naidu


Ms Rddhi Naidu, graduated from Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane) with a Bachelors in Health Science, majoring in Nutrition & Dietetics. She has more than 10 years of clinical experience in various settings working with both adults and pediatric patients with a wide range of chronic conditions. She is a member of Singapore Nutrition & Dietetics Association. Upon graduation, she worked in Royal Brisbane Hospital before returning to Singapore, where she practiced in a private hospital for 6.5 years. She then moved to various setting creating her niche, working in private clinics and digital health tech companies. Her experience working in the digital health sector, entails planning and overseeing specific programs to manage chronic conditions, especially diabetes and gestational diabetes. Apart from patient and project management,


Rddhi was also involved in food service management, such as menu development and doing in-service training for food service staff preparing therapeutic diets for the hospital’s in-patients. Rddhi has been providing consultations for her clients in doctor’s clinics, home visits and through virtual consults. This includes delivering individualized medical nutrition therapy for conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic kidney disease, malnutrition, gout, gestational diabetes, oncology and enteral nutrition therapy/tube feeding. Her passion lies in coaching her clients to develop suitable lifestyle interventions with an aim to improve their overall health goals.


Her main specialty includes prenatal, postnatal nutrition and gestational diabetes. Rddhi has published many articles including pregnancy nutrition in Young Parent Magazine, Straits Times Singapore and The New Paper. She has been conducting antenatal nutrition talks in a private hospital and various companies. In her most recent work, she developed an antenatal day program for mums with gestational diabetes, that was implemented in a private maternity medical centre. Rddhi particularly enjoys working with mums to optimize their dietary habits and nutritional status benefitting both mum and baby.

Claudia Correia, Ad - Dietician

Claudia Correia, AD


Claudia has a degree in Dietetics and has a special interest in Diabetes, Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery, Chronic Disease, Women's Health, Mediterranean Diet & Mindful Eating, as well as, in Cancer Nutrition Therapy.

She is a dietitian member of SNDA 9Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association) and member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Claudia has been practising as a dietitian since 2010, and she spent four years at Raffles Hospital. For the past years, she has been working with several clinics and medical companies in SIngapore.

Claudia has diversified experience from both Europe and Asia, coupled with the expertise of handling a variety of cuisines. She caters to the most varied needs of an individual. When consulting her clients, she educates and creates awareness of the impact of food, wile emphasizing the enjoyment of food.

Nutritionists Ms Ong Ting Ting and Ms Lynn Foong at Arden JR Surgery

Ong Ting Ting & Lynn Foong

Certified Nutritionists

Ms Ong Ting Ting is a certified nutritionist and has been working with the Arden Medical Group since 2014. Her interests are in adult Type II diabetes mellitus and diabetes in pregnancy. She is an expert in utilising indirect calorimetry measurements and body composition analysis to achieve the best results for patient. She is also the manager of the Arden group and is qualified technician in transient elastography and indirect calorimetry.

Ms Lynn Foong is a certified nutritionist and has been with the company since 2018. Her interests are in adult Type II diabetes mellitus and weight reduction. She works full-time for the Arden Metabolic Centre and is also a qualified technician in transient elastography and indirect calorimetry.

Adrian Toh M. Psychologist at Arden JR Surgery

Adrian Toh M. Psych (Clinical)


Adrian is a Registered Clinical Psychologist who graduated from the NationalUniversity of Singapore (NUS). He has a diverse wealth of clinical experience in healthcare and mental healthcare. In fact, he is one of the very few psychologists who specialize in addressing obesity, diabetes mellitus, and their comorbidities. In the course of his work in the public and private healthcare settings, he provides quality psychological assessments and treatments to improve the individuals’ health, well-being and quality of life.


Apart from being recognized for his clinical work, Adrian was also recognized for the contributing knowledge to the medical, surgical and psychology scientific communities. In the last decade, he was invited to present his scientific research and work on numerous occasions at international, regional and local meetings. The vast specialized clinical and research experiences have equipped him with a deep understanding of the psychological needs of the individuals that he cares for.

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