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Do Hernias Always Need to Be Fixed?

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Hernias are a weakness in the abdominal wall causing a protrusion or swelling of its contents. It occurs most commonly in the groin area and umbilicus but can also occur from a weak scar from previous surgery.

It occurs due to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure such as chronic cough, constipation, obesity or sometimes following pregnancy. Commonly, it can be present from birth but may get aggravated by the above precipitating factors.

Hernias usually present with discomfort or intermittent pain. This usually occurs when the intra-abdominal content such as fat or intestines protrude out. Most of the time these contents reduce by themselves but in some cases, they may get stuck due to a narrow neck in the muscular defect. This can be dangerous as it may cause strangulation of the contents.


Unfortunately, there is no medicine to cure this condition and treatment involves repairing the muscular defect. This can be done nowadays, by minimally invasive techniques called laparoscopic Hernia repair. In some occasions, the hernia is very small and produce no symptoms and, in this situation, the condition can be treated conservatively.

The surgery involves reducing the contents of the hernia sac, repairing the muscle and reinforcing the muscle using a mesh. It is generally a safe surgery but on rare occasions can cause discomfort or chronic pain.

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For video of laparoscopic hernia repair visit: youtube/Arden jr surgery



Dr. Jaideep Raj Rao

He specializes in Laparoscopic and Robotic surgery, Gastrointestinal surgery, Bariatric & Metabolic surgery, Oncology surgery, Endoscopy as well as Hernia surgery with Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction.

Dr. Rao has more than 20 years of surgical experience and is the past President of the Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society of Singapore, President of the Singapore Hernia Society. He has also been conferred International Honorary Membership of the Korean Laparoscopic Surgical Society, Chilean Surgical Society & Peruvian Surgical Society.

Special Interests :

· Gastric-Oesophageal & Intestinal Cancer

· Gall Stones

· Gastro-oesophageal reflux

· Hernia & Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

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